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Biscuit Belly named in the 2023 Top 15 Themed Restaurants

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The concept of a themed restaurant dates back as far as the early 1800s when restaurants started using a particular theme to make them stand out among the competition. The idea of a themed restaurant began in Paris, where cafes and cabarets started setting a theme and hosting shows while still serving drinks and food. The spirit of these counter-culture-style cafes and small restaurants took off in New York City with one of the first known themed restaurants, called Le Chat Noir, which was decorated inside with various depictions of black cats. From there, various themed restaurants started to pop up around the city and eventually the idea spread across the states.

Nowadays, you can find a themed restaurant in every state, and the theme often varies just as much as the menu. With so many different themed restaurants existing today, we took a look at the many different options to determine which ones had the best themes and did the best job at making themselves stand out in the competitive food industry.

Below you will find a look at the top 15 themed restaurants in the U.S. which have designed some of the most whimsical, crazy, fun, and extravagant themed eateries.

  1. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar – San Francisco, CA
  2. Aquarium Restaurant – Nashville, TN
  3. Harvey Washbangers – College Station, TX
  4. Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille – Valparaiso, IN
  5. Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas, NV
  6. The Proud Bird – Los Angeles, CA
  7. Jessop’s Tavern – New Castle, DE
  8. Mad Hatter Bistro – Birmingham, MI
  9. Pioneer Saloon – Goodsprings, NV
  10. The Purple Cow – Multiple locations in Arkansas
  11. Cabbage Key – Pineland, FL
  12. The Varsity – Atlanta, GA
  13. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon – Tombstone, AZ
  14. Clifton’s Republic – Los Angeles, CA
  15. Biscuit Belly – Multiple locations in the Southeast

Biscuit Belly
Offering southern food with a twist throughout their multiple locations in Kentucky, Biscuit Belly created a brunch restaurant with a southern food theme. They are popular for their mouth-watering, homemade biscuit recipe that makes customers come back for their biscuits alone. Their inventive brunch menu contains many traditional and classic southern dishes, such as biscuits and gravy and biscuit sandwiches, to some modern twists like their biscuit French toast. The theme at Biscuit Belly is Southern hospitality and, well, biscuits!


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There are themed restaurants all over the world and across the United States, but these 15 themed restaurants have unique concepts or have gone all out into their theme that they stand out among the others. The top 15 themed restaurants listed above have proved that decorating or choosing a specific theme and running with it leads to a successful business that customers will support and enjoy.



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